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Our Story

RLS Cleaning Services LLC is a woman owned company. As a female, she understands how important it is to have a clean environment. Many years ago, her husband underwent a sensitive surgery which required a tidy, germ-free house. Even when she hired a cleaning service, she realized that the services did not meet her expectations. They missed so many spots and utilized low quality cleaning products. After that, her perspective and attitude about cleaning changed forever.

She gathered a team on her own. She trained them and explained what it means to deep clean a home. In the end, the work was done ensuring every single corner was dust free, paying attention to details using the best cleaning products to have a Clean, and disinfected home for her husband’s arrival for his recovery at home. Since that moment, she understood the meaning of a Good Cleaning Services, and the passion for having the job well done!

Today, RLS Cleaning Services have grown and continuing growing now offering a wide range of cleaning services in Harford, Maryland. With a focus on regular domestic appointments at reasonable and affordable prices. Everything from steam cleaning to end of tenancy assignment can be carried out by our professional cleaning contractors who have been trained to the highest of standards and carefully checked for security purposes.

Woman-Owned Cleaning Services in Harford!

Cleaning residential surfaces is a labor-intensive chore that requires determination and commitment. But there are various reasons for homes to become grimy relatively quickly. Carpeting, wall panels, wooden baseboards are notorious dust magnets, while staircases, living room floors, and the kitchen are high traffic areas of any property, and require endless mopping, vacuuming, and cleaning every single day. There are a number of things that can start to accumulate and make your space look untidy – pet hair, debris falling off of people’s shoes, dust, and food spills. Despite the fact that dirt and dust gets collected on surfaces every single day, if you ignore the grimy walls and floors for too long, your home or property can develop more serious problems like mold and contaminations that can cause allergies and asthma.

Business owners, property managers and school owners must especially take precautionary measures that protect their employees and students from any contagious viruses – an essential precaution. You cannot risk putting anyone that comes into your building at risk.

Now that you’re all set to make your building clean again, why not hire reliable cleaning services that can ensure your home stays free of any bacteria and contagions?

RLS Cleaning Services is a woman owned collective offering comprehensive cleaning and janitorial services in Harford! Our team of well-experienced cleaners is more than just a cleaning service –we make sure any surfaces in your building are free from bacteria and viruses with a special disinfectant.

With an experience of over seven years, RLS Cleaning Services has specialized skills in providing people spot-free and clean surfaces to protect people from any possible infections. Our knowledge of how to properly disinfect using a hospital-grade professional cleaning supplies helps us stay on top of our game and ensures the health and safety of everyone in the building.

Our extensive range of cleaning services include school cleaning, commercial office cleaning, move in and move out cleaning, property management cleaning, COVID-19 cleaning and much more. Additionally, our priority is your satisfaction, which is why we’re open to altering our methods to meet specific needs based on your space.

RLS Cleaning Services consists of a well-experienced team of professional cleaning contractors who have been trained to the highest of standards, and we offer our services at the most affordable rates. Want to learn more about our spring cleaning services? Get in touch with us now to get shiny germ-free surfaces today.